Online programme to lose weight permanently

                             The 8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss     

Did you know that using hypnosis for weight loss online is one of the best ways of shedding some weight?   If you have been trying shakes, pills and radical diets,  then you may like to think about this approach instead.   It is a very safe and efficient way of breaking down mental barriers, and making sure that you lose weight in a controlled and healthy manner.

There are numerous techniques in existence, and at Hypnosolution we have formulated The 8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss.  The 8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss System offers a comprehensive approach in using NLP and hypnotherapy to coach a client to succeed in losing weight, and increase  fitness and health.  

The course consists of 8 sessions which can be taken at your own pace, with full support from myself, to ensure you reach your goal.    If you follow this online weight loss course completely to the end, I guarantee that you will lose a minimum of 16lbs.

  We are so confident that
this programme will assist
you with your weight loss
goals, that we will let you
try it for FREE.   We will
only charge your credit
card on the 8th day
If you
don't think this programme
is the best online
programme around,
cancel your membership
during the first week,
no questions asked.

To sign up for your FREE  weight loss online trial, click on this button.
If you decide to continue with the programme, the cost will be
£5 per week.   This is an introductory offer for early applicants
nd will soon be increased.   Our guarantee of a loss of a
minimum of 16lbs shows how confident we are, of the
            8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss.

Please ensure that your doctor has agreed that it is safe for you to undergo a weightloss programme.

This programme is unique in that it tackles the physical and mental issues which are stopping you from losing weight.   The 8 sessions are comprehensive, each includes an hypnotherapy session, and there is also an interactive question and answer facility.   The 8 online sessions involve:

1. Introduction to the 8 Steps.   Hypnotherapy session.
2. Food Addiction eliminator.   Stress hypnotherapy session.
3. Emotional eating eliminator.   Hypnotherapy session.
4. Training in self-hypnosis.   Hypnotherapy session.
5. Eliminating stressful eating.   Hypnotherapy session.
6. Choosing the right foods.   Hypnotherapy session.
7. Turbocharge your exercise routine.  Hypnotherapy session
8. Planning a brighter future.  Hypnotherapy session.

There will also be handouts for you to use, help from me if you need it and the ability to work at your own pace.   Most people do the 8 Steps in about 5 months, losing a minimum of 16lbs.


 "I desperately needed to lose weight for my sons wedding in June. With the help and guidance of Vince I have managed to lose 17lbs. I have tried many diets over the years but have always put the weight back on. Hypnosis has taught me to eat sensibly and encouraged me to use my WII Fit enabling me to be more active. I would recommend hypnosis for anyone." Norma, Kent.
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